Annabell Kay

Annabell Kay combines a rare blend of beauty with a strong voice. Singing is her passion, as can be seen from her shows which are full of energy and dynamic.

Through her stage presence, she manages to actively involve her listeners in the show until they all have been reached. Annabell understands how to respond to customers who want the highest standards and pulls them in with her talent and charm.

What makes Annabell to unique is her passion for what she does and her many years of experience. Her countless events and joint appearances with stars like Michael Jackson, Toto, Jessica Simpson, Joe Cocker, Gloria Gaynor, The Temptations, Bonnie Tyler, Sasha, Shaggy, En Vogue, Weather Girls, Safri Duo and many others speak for themselves.

Annabell has appeared throughout Europe as a solo artist in half playback shows and with her bands / show acts The StreetLIVE Family, Cocktail Divas, StreetWalkers and Giants Club auf.